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The Book of James Part 1

In this post, Pastor Phil discusses further The Book of James, a chapter from the Holy Bible that influenced early AA members and the 12 step movement.

Who was James?

Protestant Christians believe he was the brother of Jesus. Catholic Christians believe James was Jesus’ brethren, or cousin. Either way, James was very close to Jesus and he was definitely a member of his family. However, James was not a believer in Jesus until he saw Him resurrected from the dead. At this point, James was on fire for the Lord.

James and Humility

Let’s look at verse one of Chapter One of the Book of James. Look again at verse one. James, a servant. Instead James introduces himself as a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

He’s humble.

He’s humble.

Just a few chapters later in this same letter. Chapter 4 vs. 6b.  James quotes the old testament proverb. “God opposes the proud  but shows favor to the humble.”

When we are in the midst of our addiction we are some proud crazy people aren’t we? The scriptures say here that God opposes the proud. If you are in opposition to someone, you’re in a battle against them. You’re in a fight with them. You’re enemies of them. When we are proud, when we are arrogant, we think we know better than the almighty and we are in opposition to God. We are his enemies.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be an enemy of the almighty God.

But he shows favor to the humble.  When we are humble he’s on our team, he’s fighting for us, not against us. He defends us, and gives us grace. He gives us what we don’t deserve. He blesses us.

What a profound lesson for recovery from addiction.

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Phil Dvorak MS, LMHC

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