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The Gift of God

By Dr. Adam Bianchini


The greatest and most significant event in human history, the event which even divided time …

  • Was announced by the heralds of God, the prophets – from Moses to Malachi hundreds and thousands of years before it happened; but was anyone truly listening?
  • Was announced by a bright comet-like star resting over Bethlehem; but how many truly noticed?
  • Was announced by three wise kings, who were willing to travel a great distance, bringing precious gifts; but who else makes such an effort?
  • Was announced by Angels and heavenly host singing praises to God; but who was willing to sing along?
  • Was announced by poor shepherds tending livestock in the fields, who went to see this miracle in a manger; but who else will go to see?
  • Was announced by a radical Holy man by the name of John who prepared the way for the coming of the Lord; but who is willing to make the effort to prepare?
  • Was witnessed by thousands through teaching, deliverance, and miracles; do our lives show the change?
  • Was witnessed by followers and fans, some of whom wrote about their experience; are we recalling ours?
  • Was followed by the countless faithful for nearly 2000 years as they lived for the promise; what are we living for?
  • Is being remembered year after year during this holiday season; are we taking time to remember?
  • And is being re-announced here and now by a worthless wretch; will we slow down and take time to receive the most important gift that we could ever receive?

So much love and perfection has come down from Heaven into a world so full of hate and filth. And by the Power of the Holy Spirit is alive and available for us, fresh and new, today. Why don’t we take a moment during this busy time of year to focus on the gift of God, who so loved the world that He gave his only Son for us so that by believing in Him we could have real and eternal life; What’s in your wallet?

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