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Battling Prescription Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking

New Jersey’s U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman is speaking out against prescription drug abuse. While he believes medicine is beneficial and provides a huge health benefit, there is a widespread epidemic in his state regarding the abuse of prescription drugs. He states, “There’s an epidemic of prescription drug abuse in Jersey and the nation that’s responsible for personal tragedy, widespread suffering, and enormous financial loss. It is one of the biggest dangers to our communities, whether they are rich or poor urban, suburban or rural, North, Central or South Jersey. It leads to addiction, accidental death and violence in our streets, as well as lost revenue and ineffective treatment for disease.”

Fishman pointed out that every day roughly 66 hundred people start abusing prescription drugs in the United States. More people abuse prescription drugs that cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and inhalants combined, he told a crowd at the launch of New Jersey’s new prescription drug abuse campaign function. The campaign is called, “Right Prescription for New Jersey.”

DEA Special Agent Brian Crowwell is in charge of combating drugs for the Federal government in the state of New Jersey. He says, “Decreasing prescription drug trafficking – notably painkillers taken by our children and our young adults – and subsequently linked to heroin trafficking – is our number one priority in New Jersey”

Currently, the DEA has several teams investigating drug trafficking of prescription pain medications in the state of New Jersey. Included in this investigation are what the team calls, “rogue” doctors and pharmacists.  In the past year, the DEA has tripled the amount of investigations into prescription pill trafficking in New Jersey.

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