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The Second Chance Ministry Helping Addicts to Recover

The Second Chance Ministry

The Second Chance Ministry in Flint, Michigan, truly lives up to its name. Just five years ago, Pastor Derrick Aldridge served time for possession of cocaine. Today, he helps others struggling with drug addiction. Aldridge is thankful to his parishioners and to God for his second chance.

“It’s like a reality that I’m not God, that I am human, that I’m very fragile, that I am subject to make mistakes and rather than try to pretend that I’m somebody that I’m not, be who I am,” Aldridge said.

The Second Chance Ministry is now a congregation of 300 people who embrace others looking to recover from their addiction. Aldridge especially focuses on young people fighting an addiction to drugs.

“All of us have issues [and] all of us have problems that we’re dealing with,” Aldridge said. “I’m not going to sit here and just say to you ‘Come give your life to Christ and everything is going to be okay.’ Some folks would have you believe that, but I’ve been there. I needed to go to treatment. I needed to find out why I was angry.”


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