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City of Hope Church: They Love Jesus, We Love Them

The pastor of the City of Hope Church in Manchester, Kentucky, has a heart for healing and helping those struggling with drug addiction. Seventy percent of the congregation are new believes are fifty percent are recovering drug addicts.

“God has given us a lot of the people that nobody wants. And we take ‘em. We love ‘em. And God’s transforming them into the kind of people that everybody wants. They’re faithful. They’re loyal. They love Jesus. And I’m honored to be their pastor,” said Pastor Donald Sims.

For many years, churches in the area shunned those who were addicted to drugs. But, gradually, the Christian community realized that they were not honoring Jesus by not welcoming addicts into the folds of their congregations.

“We pursued people who could give a tithe…who could actually help our church,” said Pastor Ken Bolin of Manchester Baptist Church. “We pursued respectable people. But we weren’t pursuing the people that God really is interested in. Jesus said that the ‘well’ do not need a physician, but the sick do.”





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