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Three Deaths Occur At Narcanon Drug Treatment Facility

In the past three months, three people have died at a Narcanon drug treatment facility in Oklahoma. Narcanon is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program affiliated with the Church of Scientology. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Kirsty Alley, Kelly Preston, and John Travolta are influential members of the church that some call a cult.

Many experts in the field of addiction regard the Narcanon program a highly effective method of addiction treatment. However, there are just as many detractors who say the program is simply a front for Scientology and a harmful method of mind control.

The treatment program costs around $30,000. Some methods that program directors and staff use to heal people of drug addiction include: yelling at patients for long periods of time and forcing the patients not to react, giving them large doses of the vitamin, niacin, spending great lengths of time in a sauna to detox patients of drugs, and studying L. Ron Hubbard literature. L. Ron Hubbard was the founder of Scientology.

Narcanon claims to have a 75% success rate. There is no definitive evidence to support their claim.

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