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Mississippi Trying to Ban the Sale of Alcohol on Sundays

Mississippi is in the heart of the Bible Belt. Pastors are now encouraging government officials in the region to continue the bans of the Sunday sales of alcohol.

In Oxford, Mississippi, the ban on alcohol sales is being reconsidered by the town’s government officials. The college town is home to the University of Mississippi and has a reputation of being a “party town.”

The Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association is proposing that the ban be lifted to allow restaurants and bars to sell alcohol on Sunday. They argue that the ban has severely affected the bottom line of the town’s restaurants and bars.

One local pastor objects to the reversal of the ban.

“It’s a school party town and that’s created a culture of alcohol. Misuse and abuse of alcohol is the norm here,” said Pastor Eric Hankins of First Baptist Church in Oxford. Hankins believes there is nothing wrong for Oxford and other towns in Mississippi to embrace their Christian life and values.

“It’s a good thing for a community to be able to say, even among irreligious people, it’s good to be able to say spiritual things are important.”

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