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Understanding Drug And Alcohol Addiction

The death of Amy Winehouse has stirred a conversation around the world about drug and alcohol addiction. How much do we truly know and understand about addiction?
“We’re beginning to understand the variety of mechanisms in the addictive process, but do we know exactly what causes addiction? We don’t. It seems to touch the very essence of behavior, making it very difficult to research and understand,” said Ilana Crome, a professor of addiction psychiatry at Keele University in England. It has been said that genetics may play a role in predisposing people towards addiction. Childhood abuse and neglect have also been attributed to contributing to drug and alcohol addiction, as has being raised in a home where drug abuse has been present. Other factors like mental illness, poverty and poor education have also been linked to drug and alcohol addiction.

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  1. Norma says:

    I seem to believe that one factor contributing to drug and alcohol addiction is its presence at one’s home. A friend of mine has a history of abuse when she was a child and maybe that’s one of the reason why she became drug addict. Sad but true.

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