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Pain Pill Addiction: Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Dependency

Often, legitimate pain requires medical intervention. Sometimes, medical intervention includes prescription pain medication. While prescription pain pills provide relief from pain, they can be addictive. What are some of the warning signs of pain pill addiction?

Dr. Adam Bianchini, a leading medical doctor at The Treatment Center has provided the following warning signs to look for if you believe you or a loved one has a problem with prescription drug dependency.

1.You experience withdrawal symptoms (specific for each medication) upon decrease or discontinuation of the medication — PHYSICAL DEPENDENCY.

2.You need more and more of the medication to avoid withdrawal or to elicit the same effect, thus you run out of the medication prior to refill time — TOLERANCE.

3.The symptoms for which you are taking the medication worsen despite what used to be adequate treatment — “NEGATVE FEEDBACK.”

4.You need to supplement the prescription with other medications (legal or otherwise) to prevent withdrawal or improve efficacy — POLYPHARMACY.

5.You utilize more than one doctor or source to obtain more of the same medication — DOCTOR SHOPPING.

Adam Bianchini, MD

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