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West Virginia School: Grant Helping The Pregnant With Addiction

Pregnant With Addiction

The Marshall Medical School in West Virginia recently received a $50,000 grant to help pregnant women and their children with opiate addiction. Opiate addiction in pregnant women has been associated with birth defects like spina bifida, cleft lip and palate and congenital heart defects.

The grant will allow women to receive comprehensive care for both their pregnancy and their addiction. It will also educate resident and student physicians in identifying and managing women who are struggling with addiction. The money will pay for an addiction recovery clinic, nursing staff and a full-time addiction counselor.

“The whole idea of this is to have a comprehensive center for caring for women with opiate addiction, not only will they get their prenatal care here, but we’ll treat them, convert them from the street drugs they’re taking and as part of that also we have a counselor who will provide addiction counseling,” said Dr. David Jude, a professor and chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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