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Prescription Drug Abuse: What God Has Done in My Life

Prescription Drug Abuse

Teenagers across the country are becoming trapped in the net of prescription drug abuse. For one Ohio teenagers, his addiction happened quickly. Daniel Rogers started with Vicodin pills that had been prescribed to his father.

“I started gravitating towards people who were starting to drink, starting to smoke weed, and then I started experimenting with those things,” Rogers said.

His father, a physician, had no idea that his son had a drug addiction. He was not unlike many other parents who are in the dark about their child’s escalation into addiction.

“I thought, ‘Well, I’m a good parent, my kids are good kids, they’ll never do these,’ well I was wrong,” said Dr. Peter Rogers.

Dr. Rogers said that once a teenager tries a prescription drug for the first time they can develop an addiction.

“Kids can use for about two years before the parents have any idea and after two years the kids are pretty well ensconced in their addiction,” Dr. Rogers said.

Daniel Rogers is now 23 and has three years of sobriety behind him. He is a student at Ohio State University and is thankful for his family and his faith for getting him through to the other side.

“It’s really evidence of what God has done in my life,” Rogers said.

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