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What is Codependency?

What is Codependency? Codependency or the term codependent often seems to be misused. Codependency is defined as a  psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition (Merriam-Webster).

In addiction recovery, codependency can be extremely dangerous. Individuals who are codependent believe that by controlling and catering to the addictive behavior of another, they are helping the person. The fact is – codependents not only become “victims,” but enable and prolong the addiction rather than help stop it. Anyone dealing with a chemically dependent person should seek help from a professional.

There is help for recovery from codependency. As Christians, the most important relationship in our lives is the relationship we have with Christ. With His help we can conquer any obstacles that prevent us to getting closer to Him.

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