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What Is Medical Detox?

When we stop using drugs and alcohol, we experience physical and mental symptoms which is called withdrawal. They can be slightly noticeable to unbearable. The unbearable symptoms are usually why 3 or 4 days after we stop on our own, we go back to using. Alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal can be fatal, this is why it’s important to enter a medical detox facility.

While in detox, the patient is placed on a taper. This allows the body to adjust to the absence of drugs and alcohol, in a more comfortable way. The dosage and length of a taper is based on the amount  of substances a person has been using, along with the length of time using and overall physical condition. The detox process is monitored by a medical doctor and a nursing staff. Withdrawal symptoms are treated with medications to ease the process. To help with the psychological symptoms of withdrawal, a patient will be assigned a therapist. Therapists provide the patient with ways to overcome these symptoms and the challenges ahead.

Medical detox is a safe and sure way to begin the process of recovery. To learn more about how medical detox works, please visit our website.

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