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Why Aftercare is Crucial in Addiction Recovery

Extended care or aftercare is crucial in addiction recovery. Treatment Centers know that initial treatment for addiction is merely the first step in recovery. After completing treatment, some type of ongoing care should take place for the patient.

There are many faith based sober residences and continuing care programs available to addicts after treatment. Patients who complete rehabilitation at a treatment center and immediately enter an extended addiction treatment program fare better than those patients who only attend twelve step meetings and don’t receive after treatment care.

Many faith based treatment centers offer recommendations for post rehab sober housing. Also, these treatment centers can help patients find suitable therapists who can help them with addiction from a Christian perspective. A lot of continuing care programs for Christians offer family counseling as well.

As the addict or alcoholic improves day by day, there may be difficult mood swings and changes in character due to emotional instability. Reintegrating back to society can have its own set of challenges. Following an aftercare treatment plan has proven to be effective for sustained recovery.

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