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Chad’s Hope: Yearlong Christian Recovery Program

Chad’s Hope is a special drug treatment center in Kentucky. The 80 acres of land were donated by Charlie McWhorter in honor of his son, Chad, who died in 2004 of a prescription drug overdose. Chad was 21 years old. The drug treatment center can accommodate 52 men in a yearlong Christian recovery program.
“Quite simply, it saved my life,” said Shawn Epperson, who completed the program. “I am no longer a drug addict. I am ready to start my life.”
The drug treatment center is part of a community effort in Clay County, Kentucky, to stem the tide of prescription drug addiction in Kentucky. In Utah, where the state has the dubious distinction of having the country’s third-highest rate of deaths from prescription drug overdoses, aggressive measures have resulted in a 12.6 percent decline in deaths from prescription drugs. This marks the largest drop in Utah in more than 15 years. Despite a struggling economy and budget cuts that slashed the program’s funding, Utah hopes that their continued effort has reaped positive results.
“I’m hoping we had some lasting effect,” said Dr. Robert Rolfs, the Utah state epidemiologist. “This is not a problem that’s going away on its own.”


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The Treatment Center has been awarded
the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.