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You are Chosen!

A message from Pastor Mike Eleveld of the Road to Freedom program.

Imagine this: it is your first day at a new high school. You do not know a living soul. There you are, with your sack lunch in hand, standing at the entrance to the jam packed lunch room, with no where to sit. A living nightmare, right?

That was my experience in 1972 at East Kentwood High School. Can you relate? Almost everyone has been through a similar scenario at one time or another. We each have an innate desire to be known,  wanted or chosen by someone. So there I stood, dread flooding over me, panic rising from the pit of my stomach, and then a voice, “Mike! Over here!” One of the nicest girls I have ever met, saw my dilemma and came to my rescue.

Scripture continually teaches us that this is exactly what God has done for each of us, in an infinitely greater way. Ephesians 1:4-6 reminds us that we were chosen in Christ “before the foundations of the world.” Titus 2:14 says that in the moment of our greatest need, God intentionally and purposefully chose us, “…to purify for Himself a people that are His very own.” Imagine that! We are His very own! When God was choosing up sides, He chose me and He chose you. On purpose. Would you take a moment and just let this simple truth wash over you? God chose you.

Just when we think we are alone, when we think no one wants anything to do with us, when we cringe at the thought that we will be the last one picked for a team, suddenly a voice, “Mike! Over here!” A flood of relief, a friend, someone knows me, someone wants me. Chosen! Thank you Jesus!

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