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Church Services in Rehab

Seeking Spiritual Wellness On the Path to Sobriety

Welcome to The Road To Freedom, which is our Christian Track for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. More and more churches across our nation are waking up to the fact that addiction is no respecter of persons and that addiction has crept into our churches. For those who are searching for Jesus or who know Jesus intimately and want Jesus to help them in their recovery, we have designed The Road To Freedom track.

We believe that spiritual wellness is imperative to seeking sobriety, and that rehab and recovery processes based in faith should work on the entire person — body and soul. That's why we incorporate church services and related faith-based programs into our recovery treatment. While counselors and medical staff work to help you overcome your physical addiction, our faith-based teams work to help you grow your relationship with Jesus and develop strong spiritual tools that can be put to use as you integrate into a new, drug- and alcohol-free life.

If you are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction and want to seek recovery in a facility that understands and holds your faith dear, call The Christian Treatment Center today at (844) 402-3605. Our compassionate admissions counselors are available at all times to answer calls, which we hold completely confidential.

Church Services at Road to Freedom

Full-Time Pastors Support You During Recovery

Church Services with Road to FreedomFor those who want to concentrate on their faith in Christ during treatment, we have a team of pastors who are full-time and are on campus every day of the week. The pastors provide Christian church services at The Treatment Center and are also available for pastoral counseling, discipleship, Bible studies and to lead groups during the day that focus on Christ and the patient's recovery.

All of these opportunities provide ways you can integrate faith into your recovery. Whether you have an existing relationship with Jesus or you want to know more about what God is doing in your life, the worship, fellowship, prayer and pastoral counseling options help you grow spiritually as you work through rehab and recovery.

Some of the worship and church opportunities the pastors provide via The Road To Freedom include:

  • Church Service, Thursday 12:45 PM. We call it Drunk Church, because everyone who attends has admitted they are in need of recovery. We have live worship music and a message from the Bible regarding faith and recovery.
  • Church Service, Wednesday, 7:00 PM. This is off-campus and represents the pastor's efforts to minister to the recovery community in our area. The pastors started Recovery Church in downtown Lake Worth, Florida, back in 2014 with about 20 people from the community attending. As of 2017, they are ministering to over 200 people each week. The church service features an outstanding worship band and challenging messages. Patients from The Treatment Center are able to sign up to attend Recovery Church when they are further along in their program.
  • Church Service, Sunday, 9:30 AM. This is another church service on-campus for those that are not able to attend an off-campus church service in an area non-denominational church. We offer live music and a message from the Bible dealing with faith and recovery.

As indicated above, those that are further along in their recovery are given the option to go off-campus on Sunday morning to an area non-denominational church. This offers the chance to begin integrating into an outside congregation, testing fellowship waters in a safe manner. It's also a good step for those in recovery who don't belong to a church already; by attending worship services on Sunday morning, you can begin to understand the benefits and strength that church membership can bring to your life.

Find out more about your options for recovery and how our Road To Freedom program integrates proven clinical treatment practices with pastoral counseling and spiritual development. Call us at (844) 402-3605

Worship Services at Christian Rehab

Friday Night Bible Study

One of the components of the Road To Freedom is understanding how God is working in your life. We take the promise of Philippians 4:13 to heart: "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." For a Christian, who is in Christ but also muddled in addiction, sobriety requires both working through therapy or medically assisted rehab and walking with Christ to achieve success. That's why Bible study is an important part of our faith-based recovery program. Learning more about the Scriptures and Jesus helps you call on his name, understand his promises and lean on his strength and understanding and not your own.

While Scripture is a part of everything we do at the Road to Freedom, the Friday night Bible study is off-campus on Friday nights and is taught by one of our medical doctors who is a follower of Jesus Christ. The doctor who leads this Bible study is in recovery himself, and therefore the study is a strong, faith-based, approach on what the Bible has to say to those in recovery.

Daily Prayer

Prayer is a fundamental part of building your relationship with God and your own spiritual awareness. Outside of recovery, prayer can provide much-needed time to commune with God and can be a healthy spiritual response to triggers or worries. Prayer isn't just a tool to help manage your sobriety, though — it's a habit that can be a foundation for your entire life. We encourage prayer throughout recover and even start every day with prayer.

We have a short prayer meeting each day at 8:15 AM on the West Porch to start our day right with a devotional thought from the Bible and prayer. This is a great way for believers in Christ to start building relationships with other's in treatment.

Daily Prayer at Road to FreedomOur Christian, licensed therapists work with patients who choose The Road To Freedom program to understand their addiction, identify triggers and develop healthy coping mechanisms to support sobriety. From prayer and Bible study to diet and exercise, we hope to treat the entire body and increase your chances at continued sobriety after treatment.

Our program takes Christ seriously as our Higher Power. For more information about The Road To Freedom call (844) 402-3605 to speak to caring admissions staff. We answer the phone 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and someone is waiting now to answer your questions and provide you with information about treatment options.

Don't let addiction continue to lead your life. Instead, connect with a recovery facility that can show you how to follow the light of Christ while maintaining your sobriety.

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