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Crystal Meth Detox

Crystal methamphetamine addiction is among the most prevalent in the United States today. The physical, psychological and spiritual damage of crystal meth can be astronomical. In most cases, treatment for addiction to crystal meth is necessary for people with any degree of use. The first step of treatment is detoxification.  We medically monitor your detoxification process making it as comfortable as possible.

Before the recovery process can truly begin, you must rid your system of all toxic substances. Don’t let your fear of methamphetamine detoxification and withdrawals prevent you from taking your life back. At the Road to Freedom program, we begin by completing a thorough medical assessment of your condition. This enables us to create an effective, individualized treatment plan that focuses on your specific needs. Because we utilize a medically supervised detoxification process, most of our patients avoid many of the common detoxification symptoms.

 At Road to Freedom, we believe that the power of Jesus Christ, working through our professional staff of pastors, doctors and therapists, can put you on the path to total recovery more quickly and safely than you ever thought possible.

For a free confidential consultation with one of our professional counselors, contact us toll free at 877-443-7342 to discuss your unique situation.

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