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Do You Have a Substance Abuse Addiction Problem? Find Substance Abuse Counseling Here

Do I have a Problem If you’re asking yourself this question, you’ve already shown great courage. Are you struggling with a substance abuse addiction?  Please take a moment to honestly answer just 11 more – after all, your responses could be life-changing.

1.Do you use drugs or alcohol on a regular basis (one day or more per week)?

2.Have you ever missed work, school or an appointment because of your drug or alcohol use?

3.Do most of the people in your life use drugs or alcohol on a regular basis?

4.Have you ever abused prescription drugs or used them for recreational purposes?

5.Have you ever tried to quit using alcohol or drugs and been unable to?

6.Have you ever experienced a blackout from drug or alcohol use?

7.Do you find yourself apologizing for your behavior when you have used drugs or alcohol?

8.Do you ever drink or use drugs by yourself?

9.Do your family or friends voice concerns about your drug or alcohol use?

10.Do you find yourself including drugs and alcohol in your recreational activities?

11.Do you ever find yourself using alcohol or drugs first thing in the morning to take the edge off?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you or someone you know may have a serious problem with drugs or alcohol. We can help you at our substance abuse treatment center.  Short and long term drug rehab options are available at our inpatient rehab facility.

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