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Effective Christian Drug and Alcohol Addiction Intervention

5 April 2013

West Palm Beach, FL : When a loved one is spiraling out of control with drug and alcohol addiction, family members are confused between what their mind tells them to do about a person they love and what their heart says. Unfortunately, It really is possible to love someone to death.

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Christian Drug Treatment Centers Meet the Needs of the Older Generation

23 January 2013

Christian Drug Treatment - West Palm Beach, FL : Addiction does not respect boundaries. Especially with the rise in prescription drug abuse, today any age demographic is prone to being affected by addiction. The older population is not an exception to this reality. Caregivers can often be confused as to where to seek help for those over 60 who become dependent or addicted. For many reasons, a Christian drug addiction treatment program is often a logical choice.

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Christian Drug Rehab Centers Prepare for the Holidays

17 December 2012

Drug Rehab Center News : West Palm Beach, FL 12-17-2012 : During the holidays, addiction often becomes an unwelcome guest at many family gatherings. Fortunately, there is help available. Drug rehab centers are actually hospitals that specialize in treating addictions. Just like hospitals, Drug rehabs are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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Not All Drug Rehab Centers Are Created Equal

20 November 2012

11-20-2012 : West Palm Beach, FL The truth is that not all drug rehab centers are created equal. There are many different appraoches to drug and alcohol treatment. Depending on the fountational philosophy adopted by a particular program, the outcome of treatment can be postive or negative. Simply put, there are some drug rehab centers that are better than others.

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