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Substance abuse often starts slow, perhaps with glass of wine with dinner, a bit of a friend's joint, or a hit of cocaine in the bathroom at a party. No matter the reason, you never imagined a dependency would form.

As a Christian, truly accepting the reality of addiction can feel like a direct violation of faith. Maybe you made excuses at first. You believed that your use was recreational or social. You told yourself that taking drugs was to move past a troublesome time, and then you'd be done. Maybe you even told yourself you could stop at any time with help through prayer.

In reality, addiction isn't an accident or a temporary state you can fix yourself. Instead, it's a disease that takes professional intervention to address. With help from a team of Christian-oriented addiction counselors, your recovery can help you break free from the chains of addiction, reconnect with God, and thrive in your faith once more.

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Help for Myself

Welcome to Road to Freedom

Seeking counseling can be very hard. Getting from Point A - your addiction - to point B - appropriate care - means identifying your flaws, accepting your weaknesses, and admitting a need for intervention outside of God.

Road to Freedom is a Christian-based therapy designed to help those who follow the word of the Lord to find strong, supportive answers for any condition. Whether you suffer from alcoholism or an addiction to illegal drugs or prescription medications, we can help you come to terms with your addiction, seek personalized care, and overcome your personal demons.

Our process is positive and uplifting, using the power of prayer, Christian teachings, and medical resources to help all of our patients reclaim their faith through sobriety. You may come to us battered and bruised, but with compassion and strength in God, you can rebuild your life in recovery and experience the freedom and empowerment of Christ's everlasting love.

The Serious Nature of Addiction

How to Find Christian Rehab for yourselfAs a critical disease affecting countless individuals across the country, drug addiction is tragically common in modern society. Roughly 25 million adults – over 10% of the population – use drugs at least once a month, with a significant portion of these individuals showing signs of abuse. Approximately 17 million Americans are addicted to alcohol, while another 4 million show signs of marijuana dependency.

Despite the pleasurable sensations that can result from drug and alcohol use, the long-term effects are deeply serious. Extensive use can lead to health risks like:

  • Irregular heartbeat and heart failure
  • Blood-borne diseases like HIV
  • High blood pressure
  • Impotence and infertility
  • Memory problems and trouble learning
  • Lung damage and lung cancer
  • Seizures and respiratory distress
  • Coma or death

Without proper treatment, any or all of these troubling consequences can critically affect your health and your life, putting your well-being in peril.

How We Can Help

When you want to do what's best for your body, mind, and spirit, Road to Freedom is waiting.

Instead of forcing you to abandon your faith or turn away from your beliefs, we work with you, offering thorough support for patients from all walks of life.

We are dedicated to offering supportive, compassionate, and comprehensive care, working with you to determine how best to treat your struggles with addiction while using the tenets of worship and scripture to help you see true results.

Patients within our center are subject to a 24/7 medically-assisted detox process to break the hold of physical and psychological addiction. In addition, patients can choose to work with any of our evidence-based and faith-based treatment paths, including:

Treating Both Body and Spirit

It's true that most addictions have physical components, but we believe that the powers of dependency run much deeper. That's why we treat the body as well the spirit, working with you to improve mental health and inspire positive changes in your relationship with Christ.

We realize that admitting a need for help is a challenge. It may feel embarrassing, shameful, or even deeply painful to concede that you can't recover alone, but that's okay. No matter what kept you from seeking treatment before, we are here for you now and we want to help.

Self-care is a big part of our focus at Road to Freedom. Through scripture studies, prayer, worship services, and spiritual counseling, we will help you discover the drivers behind your addiction and develop personalized coping methods to help you build your inner strength. Through the healing powers of both medical science and the Lord's word, we can assist you in cleansing your spirit, allowing you to return to your faith with renewed vigor.

Finding Christian Treatment for Yourself

Help Yourself, Help Your Loved Ones

While in the depths of addiction, many substance users don't realize the effects their abuse can have on those around them. In reality, however, drug use can compromise job performance, friendships, and familial relationships, turning those who care about you most against you.

When you do what's right for you, you also do what's right for those around you. Seeking sobriety and renewing your faith will help you heal and your family heal, allowing you to make amends for your transgressions.

If you feel saddened or ashamed by your actions, seeking treatment is the best way to ask for forgiveness and commit to a better way of life. With Road to Freedom, the tenets of your faith can help you do what's right for your family, your friends, and yourself.

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 Walk the Road to Freedom With Us

Road to Freedom is a dedicated resource for faith-based addiction recovery, and we want you to take your journey with us. We understand the road ahead better than anyone else, and we will help you carve out the path that's best for you.

Suffering from addiction can be damaging to your body, your mind, and your faith. Our team can treat all three, helping you to regain both spiritual and physical health.

Contact Road to Freedom today at (844) 402-3605 to speak to a counselor. All consultations are confidential, and our staff members are available any time.


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