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The Role of Faith in Recovery

There are several reasons why faith plays a big part in addiction recovery. First, having faith in recovery can help rebuild a sense of self that was lost during active addiction. This newly redeveloped self-respect, self-love, and self-esteem can help those in recovery better recognize and appreciate the little victories they achieve during their journeys to sobriety.

Second, faith in addiction recovery helps those who are newly sober combat self-doubt as they continue down their respective paths. Learning to live one day at a time can be challenging, but having faith during the recovery process can make it easier. By sharing ideas, stories, and successes with God and with others in their group, people of faith in early recovery can stay motivated as they progress down the path of lifelong sobriety.

Lastly, having faith in recovery builds a sense of community. Whether it’s spiritual or religious, practicing faith plays a significant role in unifying people who have shared similar experiences and faced similar obstacles in life during active addiction. This is why organizations like Recovery Church are so prevalent in addiction recovery. 

What Is Recovery Church?

Recovery Church is a recovery community of Christians that aims to support other followers throughout their individual faith-based addiction recovery journeys. Located in Lake Worth, Florida, Recovery Church grew from just a small group of men and women into a nationally famous church— one that has already helped thousands of struggling individuals get and stay sober.

Recovery Church Service Podcasts

This faith-centric recovery community is comprised of devoted followers from all walks of life. These people all have three goals in common: to heal, to help others in recovery, and to rebuild a faithful and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Fortunately, you can meet all three of these goals even if you can’t attend the on-site services in person. 

Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm, the Recovery Church records it's service podcast for goers well outside of the Lake Worth area. This after-work service keeps the community informed, hopeful, and most importantly, sober. Links to the Recovery Church podcast are listed above.

Podcasts Sponsored by TTC and RTF

The Treatment Center and Road to Recovery are proud sponsors of the Recovery Church program. We strongly encourage our patients and alumni to participate during or after initial treatment. If you have questions about how a faith-based addiction treatment can help you or a loved one, give us a call at (844)402-3605 for more information. All calls are confidential.

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